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Instructions for submitting your films


Who can submit:

Entries are accepted from NorCal pilots or from pilots who fly or have flown in NorCal.

What to submit:

Films can be up to 8 minutes long, in any current format. High resolution Quicktime files (H.264) are preferred.

When to submit:

All films must be submitted between December 1st and December 24th 2015. Any films we receive after 11:59 pm on December 24th, 2015 will not be considered for the 2016 film festival.

Where to submit:

UseDropbox.com. Please share the folder (labeled with the exact film title) with both eric@photonfilms.tv and davidroyerca@gmail.com

For submissions in person, please deliver or mail your film to:

Photon Films
1345 So. 50th St.
Richmond, CA, 94804.

In addition, please upload your film toVimeo, and email the URL tofilmfestival@norcalfreeflight.comto be included in the online judging.


General Suggestions:

H.264is the preferred file format, but we will work with whatever you have.

Got any musician friends? Original music is always best. If you use any music to which you do not own the rights, please add music credits to your video and/or obtain the appropriate licenses.

By entering a film to the Norcal Free Flight Film Festival (NCFF), you warrant and represent that you have the right to submit the film to the NCFF for screening at the festival and accept full legal responsibility for all intellectual property rights related to the film submitted.By entering the film, you further accept full legal responsibility for any and all actions depicted in or related to the entry.

Neither NCFF nor any of its employees or agents are responsible for any claim involving(i)copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights related to the entryor (ii) any other claim related to any and all actions depicted in or related to the entry.

Should your film win in any of the categories, you permit NCFF to use the title of the film, your name and all or part of the film in post-competition publicity and promotional efforts by NCFF online or otherwise.